Tronix Energy Savers and Appliance Protectors

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Tronix Energy Savers and Appliance Protectors

Post  troniximaging on Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:27 pm

Protect your appliances from power surges and brownouts while saving energy! Get this reliable devices from Tronix brand of consumer electronics!

Tronix ANL (Automatic Night Light)

ANL is a heavy-duty sensor switch automatically turns the CFL ON during nighttime and turns OFF during
daytime. It uses a light sensor switch of about 5mm in diameter. It is fully capable of rotating in any
direction, making it very easy to use.

Tronix RCS (Ref Clock Saver)
is an electronic device that can:

* generates low power consumption for refrigerators because it limits the on-off cycle of the refrigerator's compressor saving up to 45% on the refrigerator's power consumption
* minimizes defrosting schedule from one to two times a month to four to six times a year
* protects the refrigerator unit from power surges during brownouts and power fluctuations
* recommended for refrigerators and chest type freezers 24 cubic feet and below.

Tronix ACT 20 (Aircon Timer) is an aircon device that:

* saves energy and at the same time protects air conditioning units
* delays power for 5 minutes after a brownout or power fluctuation to protect your aircon.
* with built it fan outlet
* is easy to install and operate
* recommended for window type aircons 2HP and below

Tronix POD10 (Power on Delay)

* protects home and office appliances by delaying electrical connection until the power stabilizes
* provides the necessary protection against brownouts of very short duration
* ideal for refrigerators, freezers, television sets, audio systems, computers and fax machines.


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