Meet, Listen,Touch and Be Inspired By Real Virtual Assistants

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Meet, Listen,Touch and Be Inspired By Real Virtual Assistants

Post  SophietheFirst on Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:58 pm

Meet, Listen,Touch and Be Inspired
By Real Virtual Assistants
And Let Dollars Come Knocking At Your Door,  
Instead of You Going Abroad
Chasing After The Dollar

Get The Chance To Attend
The First Evah Virtual Assistant Christmas Party!

Do you want to:

Get out of debt and enjoy financial freedom?
Take care of your sick parents and help the family financially?
Earn extra income without leaving your day job?
Get your 2nd and 3rd gigs and have good-paying clients?

Have You Been To London?

Let me share this story.

This is actually a story of one of my VAs.

It was Saturday morning and my VA rode a taxi cab, she was going to meet up with friends.  She was coming from Makati going to Cubao.

Well, you know the state of EDSA every Saturday morning, right? or any other day for that matter.  

Stuck in traffic and left with nothing to do, she had a conversation with Manong, the Taxi cab driver.

Manong, is a government employee, he is a Driver for an executive of one of the government offices located in Quezon City.  

Every Saturday, Manong makes biyahe to have pambaon for his 3 kids, who are already in elementary.

Manong is already in his mid-40s and admits to being a late bloomer, hence, he married and started his family when he was already in his mid 30s.

“Kumusta naman Manong sa office ninyo?”, my VA asked.

“Ayun kumukonti na ang bonuses namin, kaya marami sa mga officemates ko ay nagiging taga London!”, he answered.

“Ah nag OFW na sila?”

“Hindi, taga London ang tawag namin sa mga mahilig mag loan dito at mag loan dun.”

Ikaw, taga Loan-don ka rin ba?

Are you buried in debt, be it personal loan or credit card debt?
Because of this, have you considered going abroad and leaving your family? … Mga 3 years lang para makapag-ipon… those 3 years turned to 5 years, 7 years, hindi mo na namalayan 10 years ka na palang nasa abroad.

For those of you who remain slave to your work, you hoped that you’ll be able to save your bonuses and eventually invest it in your own business.

But the salary that you earn, as an OFW, as office worker, teacher, engineer, supervisor, dentist, admin staff, government employee, HR Officer, call center agent, is never enough.

It just passes through your hands and becomes pambayad to your loans.

If this is you, Isa ka ring taga London!

Hanggang kailan mo titiisin ang pagiging taga London?

It does not have to be this way.  

You Deserve First Class Seat In Life

What if I tell you that you can say goodbye to your Loan Dito At Loan Dun lifestyle?

What if I tell you that I know many people who were able to transform their lives from living rock bottom to a life of abundance?

What if I let you see, hear, touch these people who are now living the life of their dreams.

Hmmm Jomar, what do you mean living the life of their dreams?

Ikaw lang makakasagot sa tanong mong yan.

But here’s a sample of their lifestyles:

They Live an Abundant Lifestyle
-  They are on their way to financially freedom!
-  They earn dollars without having to go abroad
-  They are paid based on merit

They Sustain A Great Family Relationship
-  They enjoying regular bonding time with their family
-  They shower their elderly parents with their presence and loving care
-  They enjoy monthly dates with their parents and love ones

They Are Self Confident
-  They are more productive
-  They experience character improvement and develop self discipline
-  They learn new skills and technology

They Are Living Their Best Lives
-  They enjoy a traffic-free lifestyle
-  They enjoy a stress-free lifestyle
-  They said goodbye to office politics and intrigues
-  They enjoy quality vacations, no need to file leave
-  They enjoy a tax-free lifestyle

They Are In Control
-  They can choose what type of work they will do  and who to work with
-  They choose their own working hours
-  They eat healthier food, no cafeteria food!
-  They take delight in meaningful things in life

Several months before, they made the decision to become the best in their niche, they are now Rockstar Virtual Assistants.

No Visa Required:  How They Started

Now, you ask me… hmmm… Jomar, how did they start?  

The answer can be found in your answer to this question:

Why do you want to become a virtual assistant?  What is your BIGGEST why?

Allow me to share some of the answers of my students.  These are their BIGGEST Whys, it might be your biggest why, too:

   •    Gustung-gusto mo ng mag resign
   •    You want to remember your dreams and once again claim it
   •    Hindi ka na bumabata, kailangan mo ng pagbabago sa buhay
   •    You want to get the courage to act on your plans
   •    Kaka-resign or kaka-tanggal mo lang sa trabaho
   •    Kailangan mong alagaan si Daddy mo who suffered stroke
   •    You want to prepare for your Best Life
   •    Napapagod ka na. Isinisigaw na ng puso mo:  TAMA NA
   •    You want to regain confidence in pursuing your dreams in life
   •    You want to get over your fears and win over obstacles
   •    Gusto mong bumangon at maka ahon sa utang
   •    You want live a significant life after retirement
   •    Gusto mong makatulong sa asawa mo at move from kusina to computers
   •    Sabi ng kalooban mo: gusto ko ng umuwi sa Pilipinas at makasama ang baby ko!

You have your own reasons why you want to become a VA.  It’s up to you to find your biggest why.

Book Your Tickets Now!  

Wouldn’t it be great to meet these people who have found their biggest whys and acted on their biggest dreams?

Wouldn’t it be great to be inspired and feel all their energy in one room in one day?

Wouldn’t it be great to meet fellow online freelancers and exchange ideas on how to get more quality clients?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a reunion with your VA seminar classmates and catch up with them and see how they progressed?

Wouldn’t it be great to form networks and talk about business partnerships with those in the VA business?

Wouldn’t it be great to meet entrepreneurs and business people who are scouting around for social media experts, program managers, web developers, video experts, article writers to join their online team?

I invite you to the first Virtual Assistant Summit for 2013.  This will be a historical event for this will be the first evah and I’d like you to be part of it.

This also doubles as the first Christmas Party for Virtual Assistants!  

Join the first evah…

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Saturday, November 30, 2013

Check In Your Luggage:  Start Living Your Dreams

You may have been dreaming of travelling (not as an OFW) to interesting spots in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Rome, US, and London (why not!)

You want to spend 1 week vacation with your family in Batanes
You want to go climb Mt. Pulag with your wife or barkada
You want to bring your parents abroad habang malakas pa sila
You want to go on Disney Cruise with your pamangkins
You dream of joining the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
You want to eat pastries in Paris
You want to experience snow and autumn
You want to visit friends in Canada and relatives in the US
You want to learn Tango in Argentina (hmmm sounds familiar?)
You want to explore castles and royal homes in Europe
You want to see the location shoot of Harry Potter in New Zealand

You want to travel without worry about expenses
You want to travel without worry if your boss will approve your leave
You want to travel to strengthen relationship bonds
You want to travel to enrich your life

All of these can become a reality for you when you become a virtual assistant, an online freelancer, a virtual project manager, simply because you are you own BOSS.

Your Passport To Your Dreams: Not for VAs Only

Hmmm, Jomar, pang Virtual Assistants lang ba yang event na yan?

Nope.  The event is for you who want to experience change in your life.  This is open to wanna be VAs, Newbie VAs, Expert VAs, VA Consultants.

It is also open to entrepreneurs seeking good VAs, who want to know how to deal, hire and manage VAs, who want to expand their businesses online.

There will be talks to help you:

VAs Ready To Level Up
   •    Expand your knowledge on productivity tools taught using simple words
   •    Acquire the right mindset to make you stay and prosper in the online business
   •    Package yourself as the EXPERT and remain truthful
   •    Gain confidence in getting long-term and high-paying clients clients
   •    Open the gates for collaboration with the successful  Virtual Assistants - they have too many projects on hand

Wanna Be and Newbie VAs
   •    Open your eyes to another source of income without quitting your job
   •    Have the right mindset and confidence that you can work from home even without experience
   •    Dismiss your wrong notions about VAs
   •    Gain new technical lessons and new insights on character improvement
   •    Think of other ways of earning aside from your job and having money apart from taking a loan
   •    Make the internet your source of overflowing passive income available to everyone with internet access
   •    Be inspired by stories of successful VAs
   •    Open doors to opportunities to earn online

Entrepreneurs Wanting To Hire VAs
   •    Learn how to hire the right VA for your business
   •    Understand the mindset of a VA
   •    How much should you pay for a VA
   •    What a VA can do for your business
   •    How to take your business online effectively with a VA

Meet Your Travel Guide Master: Jomar Hilario

Here is what other are saying about Jomar Hilario:

Jomar has inspired to get excited about early retirement and engage in my own business... the marketing strategies I am learning are incredible...

- Fanibeth Domingo

He has given me the opportunity to explore new ways to earn money. Basically, to deviate from the traditional mindset that everyone needs to enter the corporate world (work as an employee) to earn a decent salary/income.

- Jan Michael Tan

Jomar Hilario is one of a kind. He helps us to re-gain our lost self-confidence to dream big & never allow our fears to dominate us.

It is a continuous process of learning & little by little I am enjoying what I have learned from Jomar. I know, this journey to become a successful VA is a rocky road, but through courage, prayers & expertise of Jomar everything is on the right track. Thanks to Jomar Hilario.

- Dalisay Sangcap

Jomar has helped me change my mindset. He taught me to gain confidence through training and seminars. He gave me hope as a full-time mother, to help in the finances without leaving the home and leaving my children. I have a clear vision of myself as hands on mom, but he gave that vision a spice. All I have to do is just DO IT!

- Olivia B. Capili

I have learned through Jomar's free lessons the importance of having a blog. I made one and I was able to market myself as a photographer and graphic artist in our neighborhood.

People now contact me to make tarpaulin and invitation layout, school ID production and some get me for photography services. Even though this is just a sideline, it is still an additional income for my struggling family.

- Jaime Burgos Jr

For others becoming a VA not really new... But for me this is a new door, which was opened, for me to explore and find a niche to nurture my core gift…

- Liza P. Go Bian Kan

Your Travel Insurance:  The Marvellous Guarantee

This event comes with a 30-day NO RISK….100% money back guarantee.  If you feel that the event is not working out or you, you can cancel within the first 30 days of the event.

No hassles and no hard feelings.  We won’t “blacklist” you or send a hit-man to your home.   That gives you plenty of time to go through the materials and implement these techie techniques for yourself.
Think about it:  There could be 1-2 tips you’ll discover in this event that could result in a HUGE profit-windfall in your future online business.

continue reading here:


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