I need a VA / Forum Poster ($0.03 to $0.05per post)

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I need a VA / Forum Poster ($0.03 to $0.05per post)

Post  d3rck on Thu May 10, 2012 8:30 pm

I am d3rck and I am currently building a team and looking for a part time VA / Forum Poster. This is not a referral scheme. My clients are the owners of the Forums and OUR TEAM will be the ones to supply them those post.

YOU CAN EARN as $4.00 to $10.00 a day depending on how hard you work.

If you are interested, please read my requirements:

1) Payment can either be BPI / PNB / PP (Paypal) / MoneyBookers depending on your preference.
2) Payment is every Friday (Philippine time) every week.
3) Payment per posts is $0.03 to $0.05 depending on the client (But we are estimating to get better clients soon.).

4) You are not allowed to use Auto-Posting software. We work manual but we do allow certain programs that will make our lives easier.
5) I will also give you tips and tricks on how you can post up to 100posts with int 2 to 3 hours. ($0.03 * 100posts = $3.00). So that's $1.50 per hour.
6) We only accept quality post. 2 to 3 sentence. No echo posts allowed (Thank you, I agree, Welcome, That's interesting, etc.).
7) You must have a Skype account and should be able to provide daily reports in Excel (This is a requirement by all of our clients. I will give you the template).
Cool Posting links on your signatures are not allowed not unless requested by our clients. (We also do backlink work.).
9) Usernames and passwords will be given to you. We have a team that will create those accounts for us.
10) Forum posts will depend on the clients request but it has to be relative to the topic of our client's forums. If you are posting in a car forum, you should post about cars and not about jokes.
11) Post to Thread ratio will depend on the client as well but it is generally 3post is to 1thread.

12) DO NOT WASTE MY TIME IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS TO WORK OR SIMPLY THINK YOU CAN GET RICH INSTANTLY. This is a part time work and not a get rich program. I also tell you now that this is hard work.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED WITH THE WORK, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT "d3rck@yahoo.com" WITH THE SUBJECT "Forum Poster Team Application - [Your name]" (example: Forum Poster Team Application - Lupin).



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