Safe Drinking NATURAL Alkaline Water Franchise

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Safe Drinking NATURAL Alkaline Water Franchise

Post  ingenmart on Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:42 am

Stainless Alkaline Processor (SAP 2500) Business Packages

SAP 2500 has a DOH Certificate of Product Registration

Alkaline Water Benefits:
1. Best form of drinking water
2. Alkaline water helps nourish the body cells and helps in neutralizing acids (Fatty Acids, Sugar Acids, Uric Acids, Cetric Acids)
3. Plenty of oxygen that nourishes cells.
4. Helps in flushing out body toxins.

The INGEN Superiority ó Introducing the Most Advantageous Water Station Packages:
1. Ultra LOW INVESTMENT: Unlike other equally established water station companies, we offer one of the lowest package prices along with a small area requirement. No costly tanks and pumps. We make everything affordable, only the returns are high.
2. FAST ROI: While others takes years to reap the rewards we guarantee investment recovery in only 5 to 6 months. Itís a well-tested and proven INGEN system that has earned us numerous satisfied owners today.
3. EASY TO INSTALL AND ECONOMICAL TO MAINTAIN: SAP 2500 is practically a plug and play machine that allows you to start your business rapidly with less maintenance.
4. ZERO WATER WASTE, LESS ENERGY (Eco-Friendly): Compared to REVERSE OSMOSIS (which throws as much as 80% water to the drain and only use 20% drinking water), SAP 2500 offers ZERO Water Waste which lowers your operating cost. Also, SAP 2500 does not require any electric motor pumps significantly lowering your energy cost.
5. High Quality Safe, Sterilized, Natural Alkaline Water: SAP 2500 with its advanced Filters and UV LAMP sustains waterís PH.
6. DOMAIN EXPERTISE: With more than 25 years of water purification experience, we will be able to provide you expert guidance to support your business needs.

Check our product page at for further details or feel free to contact us
thru the following channels:
Email: contact @
For Those Calling From the Philippines:
Phone: Bayantel - +63 2 496 8105 / PLDT - +63 2 923 4064
Fax: +63 2 415 5559
Mobile: +63 927 631 4595 (Globe) / +63 933 419 7775 (Sun) / +63 929 401 9135 (Smart)
For Those Calling From Abroad:
00639276314595 / 00639294019135 / 00639334197775
006329234064 / 006324968105

*Categorized by Philippine Department of Health (DOH) as a Safe Drinking Water
*No approved therapuetic claim.
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