"Save Me" by Letter Day Story music video on MYX!

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"Save Me" by Letter Day Story music video on MYX!

Post  Gigarock11 on Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:54 am

Guys, the airing of the music video of "Save Me" by Letter Day Story just started this week on MYX Premier! Smile at last, I finally got to watch the music video, matagal ko ding hinintay un. Pero alam nyo ba, its really worth the wait! Smile ganda nung video, it really projects what the lyrics says, and most of all, pinakita talaga nung cast and ng LDS what the song want to say. Oli’s (bass) inspiration for ‘Save Me’ was a dream he had where he was roaming the streets, searching for his loved ones, but to no avail. Here was the world, ending, yet Oli is alone and all he wants is to be with people he loves the most. But even with such bleak origins, Oli is keeping positive. ‘In spite of the world nearing its end, even when everyone has left you… HOPE will guide you’. Kaya kung mapapanood nyo ung video, it really is inspirational.

I dont want to tell exactly the details of the video, magiging spoiler pa ko Smile lets all request for the video to be aired on MYX, para mapanuod nating lahat Smile Just text MYX (space) REQUEST (space) SAVEME and send to 2366. Smile lets keep requesting para laging nating mapanuod ung video, and siguro hindi magtatagal malalagay na din sa youtube! Smile


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