Attend the Internet Marketing Hands On Workshop on July 22-23, 2011

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Attend the Internet Marketing Hands On Workshop on July 22-23, 2011

Post  Gwenny on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:40 am

Hi everyone!!!

Attend the All New 2 Day Internet Marketing Hands On Workshop and learn how to create internet based income!!!

See what you can benefit from attending this workshop:

BENEFIT #1 - Blogging Benefits
You'll learn how to...

+ Find popular niches in small markets in seconds

+ Know what other things your market is interested in aside from your niche.

+ Name your blog so it appears top in search engines

+ Update your blog regularly, even when you're on vacation or busy doing other things.

+ Keep your blog relevant/current even if you have no writing talent.

+ Develop your blog's popularity - both quickly and slowly you can do both - at the same time!

+ "Decorate" your blog with items that increase it's earning potential.

+ Do "link love" for maximum popularity (for your blog).

+ Do all the above in the shortest number of steps possible.

+ Never run out of topics for your blogs.

+ Do all of the above ETHICALLY and LEGALLY

BENEFIT 2: Build an online business complete with prospects, customers, products and credit card acceptance.

Create an online store, an online newsletter and a client email capture website.

How to....
+ Start an online store with one product only and build up to many

+ Set up a site or email that instantly accepts credit cards - from the Philippines.

+ Capture client's emails in any site/email you create.

+ Create an automated online newsletter

+ Find stuff to put into your newsletter when you have no writing talent.

+ How to create free offers.

+ Use the very system that the Internet Marketing "Bigboys" are using to create their wealth

+ Close a sale on the internet

+- Use BENEFIT 1 in creating your product - if you don't have one.

+ Super charge your existing business so you're on top of your client's needs.

+ Fill up your store/venue when you have an event/promo sale

+ Get ahead in your business using time tested practices marketing experts use in your own niche!

Jan Hilado (Now a top blogger in Cebu and online event organizer, and he just turned 20-22 years old)

BENEFIT 3: Let everybody in your market know all about you. Internet Promotion, where to do it, do's and don'ts , do it.

How to....

+ Promote in forums, blogs, social networks, event calendars, etc.

+ Synergize your offline and online promotions for maximum success utilize offline marketing techniques in your online promotions

BENEFIT 4: How To Hire Virtual Assistants: Free up your time in the process. There's so much to do, so little time, What do I do?

+ Avoid doing all this heavy lifting and get your life back while earning on the side.

+ Find, qualify and deal with virtual assistants (VA) that do all the work for you

+ How to create digital products just by dealing with these VAs.

BENEFIT 5: How To START being a Virtual Assistant: Most people lack the courage to apply to become a VA because they think they don't have the skills or they lack the courage to blog or write. Let me show you HOW it's done, STEP BY STEP so you can create a portfolio website to show to clients.

Businesses: Send someone who will be executing your online domination and online sales plans. I'll tell them the click by click on how to start.

Employees: Prepare your online resume and learn the skills for your future work at home job (as a VA)

Stay at Home People: (this means you don't have any other income) Earn while the baby/children is sleeping, it's now possible!

Virtual Assistants : Enhance what you know so you can change your "client" and get a better paying contract

Now you can learn how to:
For Employees and Stay at Home People:
-Setup a business that can replace your day job
-Setup a business that you can sell someday like real estate
-Setup a 2nd source of income w/o leaving your day job
-Deal with Virtual Assistants for the first time-effectively
-No retirement pay? No problem! Online businesses can be your retirement income
-Learn how the internet experts are doing it-even if you're not that good yourself
-Sell online w/o knowing how to sell personally
-Set things up automatically so it makes money while you slumber -Find and create products that can make income for you.

For Businesses:
-Learn the techniques Pinoy & International Internet Marketers have used for years
-Promote your business -online -ahead of your competitors
-Follow SEO practices from the beginning --even w/o realizing it
-Find out where the LATEST keywords can come from (nope, it's not overture) -Discover more about your clients w/o asking them
-Saturate the internet w/o doing the heavy lifting yourself.
-Accept credit cards online without paying huge fees
-Use Facebook to promote and sell

For Virtual Assistant Candidates:
-Now you can do the VA Seminar assignment with confidence
-Plus add more skills to your resume, to become a Social Media Manager or VA for an Internet Marketer

For Virtual Assistants:Learn the techniques to become a Social Media Manager and Internet Marketer's VA
Charge more by having a unique set of skills most VAs do not have.

for more details,visit


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