How important is Filipino PRIDE to you?

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How important is Filipino PRIDE to you?

Post  chelleco on Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:01 pm

Okay, so everyone gets excited when Charice guest stars in yet another American show or receives praise from a non-Filipino source. See War, crime, insurrection, probably even domestic disputes drop to ZERO when Pacquiao has a match and brings yet more glory to the Philippines See
Not to mention copious Pinoy pride about EDSA sparking Tahrir square and the Arab uprising in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere See:

Okay, fine but how does all this "pride" personally benefit YOU--the average Filipino? If a fellow Pinoy excels, that doesn't necessarily mean his achievement is transferred to you, right? For every victory Pacquiao achieves, this doesn't lessen his

countrymen's burning desire to leave Lupang Hinirang for greener pastures, right? What kind of "pride" are we really pushing anyway? Is it a superficial "me too" type of pride? Is it a defensive or WORTHLESS kind of pride? See: Or do you think

Pinoy Pride, as commonly practiced and understood here, actually leads to something worthwhile and lasting?


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