Wanted: Link Exchange Assistant

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Wanted: Link Exchange Assistant

Post  friedtwinkies on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:12 pm

Looking for someone to research websites to find link exchange partners for websites that are in the same category.

Compensation: P25 ($0.60) per successful unique link exchange


Ability to follow instructions
Excellent english reading skills
Ability to read quickly
Excellent communication skills

Once again: Must be able to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS

No degree or prior experience required--if you're able to do ALL tasks assigned competently, that's all the requirements you need. No resume needed.

Payout is in US dollars

Payout is via Paypal (you must have a Paypal account to participate)

To apply, please do the following (follow all steps or your application won't get processed)

Step A: Do you have your own computer? Post your answer here
Step B: Do you know how to use search engines. Post your answer here
Step C: Post how many hours you can work per week
Step D: After you're done posting the above, Read the FULL DETAILS at http://www.forumcash.com/wordpress/get-paid-to-coordinate-link-exchanges/ and contact the project manager.


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