New Web based Philippines Payroll Software

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New Web based Philippines Payroll Software

Post  Business Payroll on Thu May 06, 2010 3:50 pm

In today’s market, one of the keys to maintaining a competitive edge is keeping business applications current and comprehensive. With more than years of continuous development, the long wait is finally over!! SerBIZyo International Co. Ltd. unveils the new Automated Timekeeping and Payroll System. SerBIZyo is a new IT delivery empowering SMEs in the Philippines by providing automated software solutions at extremely affordable cost.

Major Benefits of SerBIZyo Timekeeping Payroll System
• Runs on your web browser - No downloads needed!
• Philippine-based computerized payroll calculations- no more manual benefit calculations or tax tables!
• Support for varying payroll program operations including unlimited number of employee compensation plans
• Configure different work times per Pay Level and get notified of Time Keeping data delinquencies
• Flexible in definition of compensation packages and automatically calculate pro-rated pay
• Unique payroll system design with Biometrics/Fingerprints option, that can be customized even more to fit any company's needs.

SerBIZyo Payroll System is a Free Philippines payroll, get started immediately with our painless sign up process.

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