My first Gcash Click experience

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My first Gcash Click experience

Post  Jam on Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:27 pm

guys, will share my very first online shopping in multiply, just bought from this seller in multiply a bag and since i am from cebu, our only mode of transaction is either via shipping through air21 or lbc and bank deposit. since its a bit hassle for her to queue up for air21 or lbc, what she recommends is that to use Gcash Click on our transaction. since she will be the one to carry the shipping expenses, i confirmed to the mode of payment...i asked how this system works because its new to my ear so he sent me a link to view how the system works...after watching this video, i was impressed with the system because it is more of a "buyer" side, so we push through the deal. after 3 days, i got my new bag delivered right through my doorstep.


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