Uniting Pinoy Religion Forum, Pinoy Forum and Pinoy Tambayan Forum

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Uniting Pinoy Religion Forum, Pinoy Forum and Pinoy Tambayan Forum

Post  James307 on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:39 pm

To all forummer(poster),

I/We would like to invite you to join other forums of pinoy websites both religion and general discussion in Pinoy Religion forum, Pinoy Forum and Pinoy Tambayan Forum.

This will benefit you and the others by knowing other people around the philippines and the ofw in the other country, through participating in our own forum (“The People’s Forum), giving advices to others, sharing story, buiding friendship and developing our websites.

In the unity of the people, in faith, truth, love, hope, freedom and peace… making a great change for a cause and better living. Websites design to study life, bible theology, self- improvement, social change, and the moral lessons.

The different topics for sourceful articles, clean conversation, or opinions for freedom of speech. Hope you can be part of this and contribute.

Using google type Pinoy Religion Forum, or Pinoy Forum and Pinoy Tambayan Forum


Visit this link or click:

For Pinoy Religion Forum:


For Pinoy Forum:


For Pinoy Tambayan Forum:


We thank you for your cooperation.

God bless, thank you and have a nice day…



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