Tips How To Pass The Board Exam! From A Board Top notcher in Mapua!

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Tips How To Pass The Board Exam! From A Board Top notcher in Mapua!

Post  Rhythm on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:45 pm

Mapua Institute of Technology
1st Place - June 2006 Architect Board Examination
10th Place - March 2007 Master Plumber Board Examination

So you are about to take the board exam. Nervous? You should be. A
few months before I took mine, I have experienced what every board
examinee goes through. Unexplainable nervousness. Butteflies in the
stomach. Catatonic looks. Am I ready?

For one thing, it's better to be nervous NOW than to feel your sweat
dripping and your veins popping ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM itself.
Imagine yourself staring blankly at those test questionnaires. 45
minutes have past. You are already at question number 31, yet your
answer sheet remains blank - a complete mental blackout. Your mind
then wanders. As you look along the walls of the quiet classroom,
you reminisce your days in college. How you wish you remembered what
that professor had taught you. You gaze up the ceiling and wonder
about the future of your career, hanging in the balance, through
these test questions you are holding right now. You inhale deeply
and pour out a sigh of air. You pray for luck, hoping the next
question would be something that you have read in your 1-week
review. You turn the next page. Tsk. Where in God's name did they
get all these questions???


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